CE1004 ROSIE - Responsible and Innovative SMEs in Central Europe
Funded by ERDF / Interreg Central Europe 2014-2020 Programme
July 2017 - June 2020


Responsible innovation promotes societal engagement, gender equality, ethics, open access, risk-assessment, education and good governance. Central European countries lack knowledge, skills and policy frameworks to encourage responsible innovation. This shortage limits the overall potential for innovation and ultimately threatens responsible economic growth and well-being.

The ROSIE project aims to improve skills among entrepreneurs and innovation actors to promote responsible innovation in companies. The project will also develop and test tools and training to improve capacity to implement innovation responsibly.

ROSIE brings together eleven partners and five associated partners from eight European regions to train and support over three hundred SMEs during its duration and many more after that with the on-line toolbox.


ROSIE Responsible Innovation Toolbox has been designed to support SMEs and other organisations to understand, assess and implement responsible innovation.

SMEs can go the whole way from getting acquainted with responsible innovation to setting up a responsible innovation management, or simply use the toolbox to get acquainted with responsible innovation. Two assessment tools help SMEs to identify first what elements of responsibility are already in place within their innovation processes and then which of current innovation management solutions are already consistent with responsible innovation.

Assessment results can be used to design improvement actions, by using to a planning tool, to become an active part of a smart, sustainable, inclusive Europe and harvest the results of being a responsible innovator.