Responsible and Innovative SMEs in Central Europe

RI Consultant Profile

RI Consultants support SMEs in assessing the relevance of the different RI themes with reference to their specific innovation processes and support them in assessing the maturity of their RI approach and identifying possible areas for improvement and planning related actions.

Furthermore, RI Consultant may support SMEs in designing and developing a comprehensive approach to RI management, integrating practices already in place and the results of the improvement actions planned in a comprehensive strategic and operational approach to RI.

RI Consultants are selected by ROSIE project partners among their staff members, local stakeholders and innovation and/or sustainable development and/or CSR practitioners.

The figure below shows the expected RI Consultant Brain Map (more details can be found in the related annex).

RI Consultant Profile

Get in touch with our RI Consultants by contacting the local ROSIE partner